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Frequently asked Questions

Is "Charlene" Your stage name?

Definitely NO.  It is my very official first name, which is also in my passport and not an alias.

How old is Charlene?

That is something you do not ask a lady.  I am as old as I feel.  At present, about 25. My birthdate is significantly older, and therefore some people ask the next question:

Are you a man?

Definitely NO.  I would know that and in my birth certificate states "Female". Shall we have a look?

What is the Textlabor Bergedorf?

It is an open reading stage for everyone. Probably the only open reading stage with its own queen. Every first Wednesday evening a month we open in a cosy atmosphere with literature and music. There is a more detailed explantation page in German.

Who pays for your trips / equipment?

I myself.  Unfortunately, I do not (yet) have a sponsor.  It would make things a lot a lot easier. POTENTIAL SPONSORS PLEASE CONTACT ME! I also offer my services as a Queen, moderator, journalist and author to you.

Are you a self-proclaimed queen?

No.  I had the dream of becoming a queen, wrote an appropriate text and presented on stage of TextLab B. There were no voices against me and Petra Klose was very happy with my idea. Certainly the audience has been asked and can always express their opinion.  Everyone of the Textlabor stands behind me, especially Petra Klose, the heart and founder of the Text Lab.  Now and then I ask my "people", and may pass my function on to someone else.  In March 2014, I was confirmed 100% as queen. In October 2014 I took over the TextLab Bergedorf because the founder Petra Klose died of cancer and her legacy should be carried on.

How long is your term?

Until further notice.  See above. I have been a queen since April 2013 and was unanimously confirmed in my office in March 2014 by all who were present.

Since I carry on the existance of TextLab, my reign will carry on until someone else will take over.

Are you very tall? (Petra besides you appears very small)

I am 176.4 cm tall.  This is only almost model size.  Petra is actually much smaller.  High heels make the difference appear larger than it is.

Which textile factory are you from?

In fact, this is a serious question that I heard very often.  I am the Queen of the Texts.  I have nothing to do with textile factories or chemical laboratories.

What a laboratory's this?

The Text Laboratory Bergedorf is called so because you can try yourself out on the open reading stage.  One can recite his texts in any manner, has a protected space and it does not matter if you present a laboratory version, not yet perfect.

Do you rule Textlabor Bergedorf?

I would rather say "manage". Yes, I do.  Since the death of our founder Petra Klose it had to go on, and I was asked if I could take over. I am committed to the Text Laboratory Bergedorf, the idea behind it, the culture and my region.  We engage in culture, specifically lyrics and music and encourage everyones' own creativity. I am happy to encourage them and do everything to ensure that our open reading stage is getting even more popular and well-known.  As the new host, I get a lot of confirmation and applause.

How many people are involved with Textlabor Bergedorf?

Hard to say, because it is an open community of interest, they always find together in ever changing constellation.  On average, 40 visitors are there, making an average of 10-12 readers.  But it varies all the time.  Thus, we are likely to have more than 100+ followers. We are growing.

Is this Textlabor for a specific age group?

Definitely NO.  I admit the majority of our audience is older.  But that just mirrors our society.  We like younger and young people to participate and are happy when they come and maybe bring new ideas.  Our youngest author was 16 so far.

Can anyone read as long as he wants? 

No.  The evenings are designed for about 90 minutes reading time.  This must be distributed fairly among the readers, so that each author can expect about 8-10 minutes.

What should I have published so I can read?

Nothing.  Most readers are unknown in public (with few exceptions).  There must be only YOUR OWN texts, written in German language.  If it is not taking too much room, Plattdeutsch is welcome although not everyone does understand that dialect.  There is no limit what genre you want to perform.

Can I choose a different representation instead of reading?

Sure you can.  We had rappers, authors who recited from memory, sung - with or without instrumental accompaniment.  The possibilities are basically endless.  Therefore, it is a laboratory.

Could you engage the queen for events?

Sure you can.  I am a very creative Queen.  Simply ask to me.  If it can be accomplished and fits into my calendar we can talk about it.  You can send me an e-mail address or call me (-> Contact ) I offer my services as queen, journalist, author or moderator to you.

What has literature to do with royalists and queens?

There is hardly any fairy tale in which does not occur at least a princess.

We are probably the only open reading stage with its own queen.

What is an "official Queen"?

Michaela Senz, the "mother of Queens" wrote: As far as I know the only way that each queen is chosen either by the board of an association of a public or other body or, as I have already read it, that the reader of a newspaper were called in advance to give their votes as part of a casting, which then have been considered for the final choice.

It is not necessary that the organization must be a member of the ARGE Deutsche Königinnen e. V.  Neither the Braubacher Wine Queen nor the Braubacher Bacchus are members there, I know!

And I think the Lahnsteiner Rhein-Lahn Mermaid, Rose Queen and Queen St. Bartholomew's Market in Bad Ems there are also no members.

I have the aknowledgement of Queen Elisabeth II. of Great Britain.

Are there people who are against you?

Of course there are.  If someone like me is spotlight in the public and represents a strong opinion, this can always turn against you.

Whoever talked to me, normally likes me.  But there are people who do not want to talk to me and reject me for incomprehensible reasons.  From the ranks of the Board of ARGE German queens a kind of witch-hunt was thrown at me.  They do not shrink back from discrimination and defamation.  They have uninvited me in two places, without inviting me at all.  This especially applies to Lower Saxony.

Nowhere else have I experienced anything like that.

What happened when Petra Klose died?

Petra was long known suffering from cancer. She founded the Text Lab and was like a mother to us.  She passed away in September 2014 and her and her sons will was that the TextLab should continue to prosper. She gave it into the hands of Volker Pripnow and me. Volker delegated presentation and organization to me and we can say, TextLab Bergedorf prospers. I am a very unique person as Petra was. Visitor counts evidence that we will go on. In 2016 we already celebrated our 5th anniversary.

We know you as a queen, what are you like when you are not on duty?

This question was asked to me quite often.  I play no role and do not disguise myself.  In everyday life, I am certainly not always dressed up like a highness, but I am still the same person and think and behave no different from what I do as a queen.

The photos on my website and in my countless articles show me quite more often at times when I did not exercise my function.

Of course, I admit sometimes I am not such a good mood in everyday life, feel lonely or sad or tired. 

When I go to sleep I take off my crown, but you can also often meet me on the street with crown.

What is you correct title?

Queen of Texts (to narrow it: from mountain village of TextLab B).

I started as "Textlabor-B-Queen".  Since people were puzzled, the title was changed accordingly.

How many active queens are in Hamburg?

Not many.  The city of Hamburg has actually just me.  There is a Japanese cherry blossom princess, who travels to Japan, namely Osaka, Hamburgs partner city for the occasion of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival.  I have never met her nor is she present in the media.

The countryside of Hamburg also has some highnesses: the Strawberry Queen and her princess from Rieck house in the Vierlande and the Vierlande harvest queen and her princess.

Can you become more than one queen?

As long as one office does not collide with the others, you can be more than one highness. The highnesses of Lower have been highnesses for England at the same time.

What is the Hamburg Cherry Blossom Queen?

Hamburg has a Partnership with Osaka in Japan. So Hamburg is one of three cities in the world that has the honor to have a Cherry Blossom Princess enthroned by the Japanese Cherry Blossom Society and the Hamburg senate. She reigns for 2 years. Starting May 2015 a Cherry Blossom Queen will be inaugurated for the first time.

Of course I will apply for this honorable position, beause it thrills me to represent my hometown, mothercountry and culture anywhere else in the world.

What if you are invited to two events at the same time?

It happened recently, as cities usually don't coordinate their celebrations.

I will go to the first invitation and say thank you to later arriving invitations. Perhaps I will go to the other place the next year.

Do you cancel any invitations at all?

It might happen. When two events happen to be at the same time, I can only go to one oft them. If I have to cancel for job, family, health or other reasons, I will always inform the host as soon as possible, because I put great weight into reliablity.

Who is Christall?

I better explain this on a special page

Who is Christoph?

Christoph Biermann is a singer songwriter who travelled with me over some stages.

Who is Lutzi?

Lutzi is currently my royal musician and friend.

What are the most important attributes as a queen in your opinion?

Reliability, trustworthyness, justice, neutrality, being close to the people, versatility, ability to listen