About (ENG)

About me, Charlene

I like photographing and being photographed, music, karaoke, writing and reading, baking, to be happy with friends, I'm very creative.

I live separated. My 14 year old daughter Jenny likes to go swimming with me and go shopping, even if I have to slow her down from spending too much money for junk. 

She also accompanied me as a princess on my royal missions.


In my spare time I like meeting friends, I participate actively in the Text Laboratory Bergedorf, write, edit photos or videos.  Which I also offer as a service to you.

I enjoy being with people and winning friends from pals developing deep friendships.

Text Laboratory Bergedorf (that means "mountain village") was an open reading stage 2011-2019, which met once a month in Hamburg's suburb Bergedorf.  I am particularly proud to be the TextLab-Bergedorf-Queen. Since that is better understood, my title is "Queen of Texts". I have been inaugurated in 2013.

My youthful radiance, my honest, open and authentic way and my commitment to what is important to me, compose of my success.  I see the task of the Queen as a function, which I would like to fill with life and not as a role that I play. I want to bring the matter forward, bring close the message to more people and thus actively contribute to this cultural achievement being successful in the future.  I would love to actually represent the entire region with its cultural diversity, its traditional ideals and people. 

As a cultural ambassador I am known and popular throughout Germany.  Numerous invitations to highness meetings prove it. Because of my royal job, I have also had contact with important people in administration and politics, as Ms. Vértes-Schütter, the Hamburg Culture Senator Professor Kissler, several mayors, the District of Sömmerda, Stanislaw Tillich, the Prime Minister of Saxony, Ms. Schmidt, Member of the Bavarian Parliament ...

Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britain wished me a pleasant  reign.

I have contacts with the Bergedorf castle, the only castle on Hamburg premises.

Before I became a queen, I travelled many countries all over the world. Far East has fascinated me the most. So I studied Chinese,  travelled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Hongkong, even to Manila. I would love to dip into Japan. I prefer to dive deep into the cultures I like instead of just having a glance like tourists usually do. I experienced China from the inside, and that is what I do, wherever I go.   

As I publish lots of articles, I am doing journalistic work and am member of the German Foto-Journalists Association DFJ e. V. The most outstanding event was at the press conference when the Hamburg Elbphilharmony was opened.

DFJ e. V.

In my creative phase I sewed dolls that are almost legendary and often travel with me.

Little Anna-Lena, Stefanie and Charlene have already performed on stage with me and they got a lot of applause. They want to become stars, just like me.

The small Charlene is my little princess and even attended the queens meeting on the picture taken in Calbe (Saale) with me amongst other places.

Prinzessin Charlene in Calbe