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Many events and articles are only available in German, sorry!


Election of the 2nd Hamburg Sakura Queen 21.05.2017 (GER)


Asparagus Celebration in Hohenseeden 201.05.2017 (GER)


Flower Festival in Rögätz 13.05.2017 (GER)


May festival in Ichtershausen (Thuringa) 06.05.2017 (GER)


Spontaneous Highness meeting in Hamburg 20.11.2016 (GER)


Another letter from England 26.10.2016


May Festival in Schmölln, City of Buttons (GER) 01.05.2016


A letter from the Queen 20.07.2015 (ENG)


Weird exhibition in Bad Doberan

17.07.2015 (GER)


Rose Festival in Uetersen 05.07.2015 (GER)


Cherry and Brick Festival in Glindow

03.07.2015 (GER)


TextLab with Irish Folk Band (GER) 03.06.2015


Asparagus festival in Hohenseeden, Sachsen-Anhalt (GER)



Charlene met Kölleda's dear bishop Wippertus and travelled the Kyffhäuser monument


Donndorf celebrated linden tree festival


Inauguration of the 4th Needle Princess


Charlene applies as Hamburg Cherry Blossom Queen for Japan without success


Together with the base Team I have taken over the task to keep this open stage alive. I habe been the new host since 2014 and am involved in most organizational things.


Next cultural evening:


Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 19:30 h at the Belami, Holtenklinker Straße 26 in Bergedorf



Chili & Honey

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As the number of my increased too much, I reference the page Seite "Schreiben", where you can find them all.


There are new pages about Hamburg and Bergedorf, some Videos and Audio.






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Charlene im Spiegelsaal
Charlene im Spiegelsaal