TextLab-B-Queen (ENG)

Charlene, the Queen of Textlab Bergedorf

Petra Klose gratuliert Charlene

On April 3rd, 2013 Charlene Wolff was inaugurated as TextLab Bergedorf queen.


I feel very proud that I was given the opportunity to participate at the 5th International German Queensday 03.-06.10.2013 in Bergedorf and the Vierlanden. It is a great honor that I may represent TextLab Bergedorf as "Queen of Texts".


I did lots of preparations and was well prepared.


Lately I joined the German Association of Foto Journalists.

Das TextLab Bergedorf

Werbung Textlabor-B Hauptbahnhof

At TextLab-Bergedorf

Charlene im Textlabor-B
Impressionen Textlabor-B vom 06.11.2013