The Journalist


Königin der Texte

Hamburg Queen of Texts

Charlene, the Photo-Journalist

What is it, a Queen of Texts does?

Besides her representation tasks she does for TextLab Bergedorf, she writes and photgraphs a lot and publishes uncounted articles on the net.

This work has now got a more firm basis by her membership in the association of German Photo-Journalists DFJ e.V.

I do offer these services to you. How about a queen at your celebration or an article or a wedding newspaper? Get into contact)

Charlene has already got attention from highest level: 2015 she wrote a letter to the British Queen Elisabeth II. who replied with a personal letter   expressing her explicit recognition.  Which other honorary highness can  compete?

Cities and Communites all over Germany invite her to  city festivals an official receptions. When she writes about that, that's journalistic work.

To  secure the continuation of the TextLab requires public relations work, that I also do as volunteer work as my own initiative. It includes attending receptions, building, maintaining and enhancing the web site, any flyers, papers, posters for advertisement, press letters as well as mailings to interested people.

Organising the monthly TextLab evenings and moderation  also belong to my tasks, and I get a lot of applause for that.

I take a great number of photos. Therefore I am a Photo-Journalist.

... and I write and photograph really a lot. Here is very much (but mostly in German, sorry)

At the Leipzig Book Fair