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Königin der Texte

Hamburg Queen of Texts


During my serveral yearlong reign as a queen of honour I have gained some partners to work with:

Years ago I met the Marmelade-Magician Hans-Uwe Glashoff during the cabbage days in the area of Dithmarschen. We got in closer contact because of the story about toilet paper marmelade, that I wrote during the corona pandemia. (Sorry, still only available in German)

It brought me into the studio of well-known Foerde-Radio, into the monthly newspaper of the  SoVD, and my court musician wrote a funny song about it.

The Marmelade-Magician from time to time supports me by supplying some glasses of his fabulous marmelade I can give away as presents.

This story about the Marmelade-Magician led me right into Foerde-Radio studio in  Jerrishoe in Schleswig-Holstein. Now and then I join the shows or participate from wherever I am.

You can receive the broadcasts via the internet, by app or even Alexa.

Als Neubürgerin in Thüringen mit norddeutschem Migrationshintergrund weiß ich meine neue Heimat zu schätzen und möchte sie ein wenig fördern. Deshalb freue ich mich, wenn ich Partner "mit ins Boot" nehmen kann.

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