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Königin der Texte

Hamburg Queen of Texts
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TextLab Bergedorf is an open stage in Bergedorf (that explains the "B").

We meet once an month (except during the summer). Please look up the dates on our website. The stage opens at the well-known culture pub BeLaMi.

TextLab Bergedorf aims to dedicate to the cultural scene of the region by offering cultural evenings with literature and music open to all kinds of performing arts.

Bring your own creative works to the stage. Or you visit us to enjoy an evening full of good entertainmeint together with nice people in a cosy atmosphere.

TextLab Bergedorf brings together many People like you and me. Sometimes known authors join us, but most People are just ordinary people who haven't published anything yet.

You can experiment, that's why we call it laboratory.

Of course we have some rules:

- your tperformances exts must be authered by you

- the stage is for everyone (and therefore

  we have to restrict time to a maximum

  of 8 minutes for everyone

- Text must be in German, Low German

  is ok, but is not understood by everyone

We aremulti-kulti. Every nationality is welcome. We had Hungarians, Turks and Americans on stage already.

Every evening is accompanied by music. Whoever would like to perform his own music is also warmly welcome.

If you just want to listen and have nice and cosy evening, don't hesitate to come. We need listeners also.

If you want the stage for you, you should tell us at the evening from 18:45 h on.

No entry fees, but we rely on donations.

TextLab can be described in a different way:

Was ist das TextLabor Bergedorf?

What is TextLab Bergedorf?

TextLab Bergedorf on the internet until Feb., 17, 2019: http://www.textlabor-bergedorf.de

Impressionen Textlabor-B vom 06.11.2013

In TextLab B you will always eperience a great variety of literature and Music. Assured!